Laser won't fire during frame

I have researched the forum and one of the links said to hold the shift key during the frame function. As a nubie I bump around and change things. Maybe I’m too curious. I must have done something to defeat the laser firing. It worked once but later it quit working. What did I do??

Not sure, but what do you have set in the ‘Move’ window? :slight_smile:

I’ve got my move window set at 0.25%

Have booted to default settings, bumped up to 2%, fire button works, but still not during frame function.

affirmative, this is true on WIN7 machine as well as WIN10.

Probably less than 10. It’s basically new. Is there a log I can check for exact hours of operation?

Problem solved…you have to hold shift while initiating frame. Won’t work if you hit frame first!!!

Yup! We live and learn. Thanx for your time.

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