Laser wont fire ortur master 2

I need help with my laser I just recieved the ortur laser master v2 and when I connect to light burn or any software for that matter the laser does not fire but the machine will move as if it is engraving and the red indicator light on the laser module lights up showing power but the machine does not fire the beam please help

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On my laser diode (not an ortur) I need to turn the laser on itself…

… A red light shows when I turn on the machine but I need to press the laser power also (on the actual laser) to get a blue light which means the laser is on.

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I dont have a switch on the laser itself

What power are you setting for the job??

I’ve tried from 10% on up to 100% and get absolutely nothing not even a dim beam

If it’s not working in ANY software then likely a laser hardware problem.

That’s what I’m leaning towards is faulty laser I’m waiting to see if @OrturTech responds

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