Laser won't fire when framing after ver 1.0.06 installed

Hi everyone, looking for some help today. So I opened lightburn today and it had a new software update so I installed it (1.0.06) and then loaded a project and went to frame it using the shift key and the laser didn’t fire while framing. I double checked and I still have the “enable laser fire” is still enabled. So I decided to try reverting back to the version I was using (1.0.04) and the same thing. I was using everything just fine last night… I have checked my cables and everything is fine. If I start the project the laser fires no problem, it seems like it’s only when trying to frame with the laser…
I have a sainsmart diode laser.

Can you check the power setting in the Move window? Is that set to something reasonable? What happens if you push the Fire button?

omg I can’t believe I didn’t check that… smh :woman_facepalming:
I am still relatively new to lasers Thanks so much for the quick reply.

There’s no shame here. Glad it was something simple.

Hi, From day one with lightburn…now some months back, with the fire button activated, shift +frame as never fired up the laser. I have gone up to 20% in the Low power option, still not firing up.

What is this referring to specifically? Not familiar with this.

From your profile it looks like you have an Ortur and an Atomstack. Are you having the problem on both of these?

Thanks for reply, I just sorted it! Basically an idiot at play issue, I was setting the low power in Cuts/layers…reading here…der…should have been in Move!

Either way it’s very satisfying that you’ve resolved an issue you’ve been having for months. Especially one as useful as framing.

Does the power setting in move have any bearing on the lasers power when running a project? Or is it only used for framing?

It’s not used in any way for the burn when running a project. As far as I know, it’s limited to the fire button and the framing function.

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