Laser wont fire

I built my gantry from a light object kit 600 x 400 and the controller is LO-E5 (Trocen AWC608)
the machine moves and seems to operate normal except that the Laser wont fire, I seen that in the machine settings there is a switch to turn on the laser but in the vs of LB 09.11 there doent seem to be…I can get it to fire by not connecting the PWM on the DSP to the IN on the Power supply…and it will fire correctly but cannot control the out put power which is very high…any ideas???

Welcome and thank you for sending an email about this to us as well, but please, let’s not create double the work. We are the same small team answering in both places.

I am not understanding this, please reword. Are you saying you were able to change a controller setting from LightBurn that you now no longer can?

No I can still change settings…the problem is that the laser will not fire…I have checked and triple check wiring layout to diagram for correctness and it is

in the current mgf setting in LB there is NOT a place that show up where you can change the laser to on or off as some of your forum suggestion indicate ?

I guess the question would be "is there suppose to be a place or setting to turn the laser on or off in the software? and where is that?

Where I am going is EDIT…MACHINE SETTINGS…USER SETTING…this where there is a long list of setting options to change but nothing about the actual laser firing

and just to be clear I have bought this software and it is licensed

Well, thank you for that support. We like to support everyone looking to use LightBurn. :slight_smile:

These are setting inside your controller itself which LightBurn can read and write. These are not settings for LightBurn. In searching the User Manual for this LO-E5 (Trocen AWC608) controller, I do not find a “…setting to turn the laser on or off”.

Are you able to fire the laser using the software provided by the manufacture which is included with this controller? Have you been able to determine correct configuration of your controller settings?

I have not tried that and will tomorrow…I thought I would jumper the water flow wires just in case its a bad part

There isn’t a place in LightBurn to just fire the laser for CO2 users. Trocen controllers have a ‘Laser’ button on the controller itself that fires the tube, and can be configured for a short pulse or a continuous beam as long as the button is held. If pressing that doesn’t give you any output, there’s possibly a wiring issue, or you might have to jumper the water or door protect switches to ground.

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