Laser won't start at where I want it to start from

I am putting texts on different places on the lightburn application but the laser only starts from the same point. I used multiple texts and found that the green box is the center for the laser. How can I solve this?

Can you elaborate on what you’re expecting to happen?

As for the green square… that represents the location of the job origin. The relative location of job origin is set using the 3x3 array of dots in Laser window.

If I use the “Absolute Coords” will my laser start from top right if I put a text at top right corner?

The way you’re phrasing the question seems to imply an assumption about behavior that’s not obvious to me.

The top-right based on the red square is your home location. Your laser head will always home to that location for Ruida controllers and coordinates originate from that location.

For Absolute Coords the location of the design on the workspace matches 1:1 with your laser’s bed. Where you place the design is where the laser will attempt to burn.

So having said, that can you elaborate on what precisely you mean by “laser start”? Are you asking in terms of work piece placement, are you talking about start position of the cut, or something else entirely?

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