Laser won't turn off upon activation

I recently purchased a used Eleks Maker laser engraver. It originally was programmed for Benbox but I recently flashed the controller with GRBL 1.1F to use with Lightburn. After doing that, when I open LB to begin burning, I turn on the machine and the laser instantly turns on at full power (40%) as if it’s about to begin engraving. I know it’s not supposed to do this as soon as the machine is turned on. Please advise, thank you!

I don’t know what a Benbox is, but is this laser pwm controlled? If you changed the OS of the controller, how do you enable laser mode in grbl?

Benbox is a free software similar to Lightburn. The firmware that was originally on my laser was only compatible with Benbox. I updated the firmware to GRBL 1.1F and am now having the issues stated above in the original post. Forgive me, but I can’t make sense of the last part of your question, I’m new to the world of laser engraving.

How did you flash the new firmware, and where did you get it from? It’s possible it’s not for the kind of board you have. Some of them use different pin configurations than others, though I don’t know much about them myself.

I see. I downloaded the grbl hex file from Github and flashed my board using X Loader.

I would try downloading the trial of T2Laser and using that to flash the board - it has a bunch of pre-built hex files for various boards, so quite a few people use that.

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