Laser wont work but goes through the engrave/cut motions

Hi can anyone assist me please.
I have recently installed a cohesion3d board and started using lightburn.
Everything goes through the motions but the laser wont turn on, I have tested it through the fire button on my K40 and its fine, it just wont work when I’m engraving cutting.
If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

This is most likely a wiring or config issue - I would follow up with C3D on their forum, and run through the docs on wiring between the board and power supply. It should be plug & play.

Thanks Oz, yeah waiting for someone to reply but no luck yet, all my lighting connections are doing the right things, but just the issue raised regarding firing the laser! really thought as you say this was plug and play as they stated!

Could it be an interlock issue with the new controller, i.e lid not closed, no water flow etc, my laser will go through the motions with out firing if the lid is cracked open slightly.

Yeah everything else is doing its thing. Thanks for your response. going to hook it up to my mac in a bit to see if that changes anything., cant see that it will, but can only hope

Jump on the interface for the board and see what messages Smoothieware is giving you.

You can just jump on the web at the card’s address and it should pop up the card’s web page.

Thank you everyone for your help. This morning I decided to unplug all cables and reinsert on other parts of the machine, and something happened and now fires thank goodness. The board ones were ok it was elsewhere. phew!

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