Laser working but not firing

I just got my laser from someone. Everything was working fine until I updated. Now everything works but it won’t fire!!! I do this for a living I really need some help. Is there a gcode I can type in? What do I do? Everything is plugged and replugged in

You haven’t provided a lot of information to go on. Can you provide some additional details?

Updated what?

When is this? Instead of firing what is happening?

Can you provide the following:

  1. sample .lbrn file that you are using to test
  2. full screenshot of LightBurn with your design loaded
  3. push the Save gcode button in Laser window and save the gcode file with a .txt extension. Then upload here.
  4. Confirm whether or not your laser works in XCS or Laserbox

It’s doing literally everything but turning on the laser fire. It’s framing. It’s going where I need it. No error codes. It’s just simply not firing

It’s even running the project but won’t fire. I don’t understand I have done everything and I work for a living with this.

It’s telling me I have 0 laser power. Ie. $132=0
I tried to $32=1 and it would accept

I’m getting no error codes.

Instead of firing what exactly is happening? Are you saying you’re not getting any light at all from the laser module?

Are you able to use the Fire button to turn on the laser? Does the fan on the laser module run?

Does the red pointer light work?

What’s telling you this? Where are you seeing this?

No need to bother trying to change these things. xTool lasers will not allow you to make GRBL configuration changes.

In addition to the questions here can you try to systematically work through the items in my previous post? Will be important in trying to sort out root cause.

  1. Xtool-d1-v2
    gcode save.txt (3.0 MB)
    no its not firing the laser but it is framing and moving. it was working fine a few hours ago and then it just suddenly stopped


no light at all from the module. the module is running the fan and i do see a light but not inside the lens
where is the fire button?

Fire button in Move window. If it’s not there you need to enable Fire button in Device Settings.

You see a blue laser light or just a status light?

I’ve looked through the gcode and I don’t see any reason from a code perspective why the laser wouldn’t fire. It’s being commanded to fire.

So either the controller is not doing the right thing or the laser module is not functioning properly. If the fan is running I assume it’s getting power.

Can you try checking the connections for the laser module and resecure them on both the controller side and laser module side? Might be worth inspecting the connections to make sure there’s no damage.

I suggest testing in XCS or Laserbox to rule out a software issue.

I’ve tested in xcs and it’s doing the same thing. The module red light in the back is on and the fan but not the light from the laser. I just hooked up my little aufero and it’s firing but not running the material test either. I’m so confused. Everything was working fine daily and then just suddenly nada

This is most likely some sort of hardware issue. Do you have a meter and any familiarity with electronics? If so, you could measure the voltage coming from the controller to test if the controller is sending the appropriate signals to the laser module.

Can you be as descriptive as possible in describing:

  1. what you’re doing
  2. what you expect to happen
  3. what is happening instead
  4. any complications preventing it from doing what you expect

I’m setting my design setting, hit frame and it frames and doesn’t fire. I hit start and it runs through the project with no laser. Idk how much more specific I can be. When I say everything is working as normal except for the laser not firing. It’s working everywhere else but that very important part. What voltage is it supposed to be do you know?

On my aufero it’s firing the laser but it’s not engraving my project and it won’t make a material test. So I’m assuming it’s not just my xtool now?

I meant for the Aufero. The issue with the xTool seems very likely to be hardware related.

From the controller to the laser module should be at least 3 wires but the specifics for the xTool might be different:

  1. Power - I believe this should be 12V for xTool but please confirm this. It should be listed on the laser module or power adapter.
  2. Ground
  3. PWM - This voltage is variable based on power setting. It should be nominally 0V at 0% power and likely either 5V or 3.3V at 100% power. Voltages will be proportionate to power.

What is it doing instead? Are you saying the laser is not making a mark? If so, increase power or reduce speed. I did notice that your engraving speeds were quite high (15,000 mm/min).

What do you mean by won’t make one? What is happening instead?

I don’t think the issue with the xTool is any way related to the Aufero. xTool is mostly likely hardware related. The Aufero seems like it’s functionality at least based on what you’re saying so far.

i know this is something you may have checked, but have you looked at the lens? You said you got this from someone else. If everything is “working” but its not marking the lens may be cracked.