Laser would not jog with 9.19 except z axis

I can’t get my machine to jog on the new software. Now I also can’t get my laser to fire. Its says $32 = 1 is invalid statement. I am not super tech savy so I have turned to this forum.

I have jtech laser and xcarve

We made a change to fix another laser that has a bug, and it seems to have worked for everything except the XCarve machines running 1.0c (Larry’s version). I’m going to be reverting the change and releasing 0.9.20 relatively soon to fix it, but for now, install this one again:

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The machine will jog now, however I can not get the laser to turn on. It doesn’t have a $32 and still saying invalid statement

When you first connect, what GRBL version does it say? If you’re using 1.0c it probably doesn’t have laser mode, so you’d need to flash with 1.1f.

it says grbl 1.0c

Type $$ in the console and press enter. Copy that text somewhere, like notepad, so you have it to refer to. If you flash the board with new firmware it may reset the settings, so you should have them backed up somewhere. Inventables should have a 1.1f version you can install, and instructions or a utility for doing so.

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