Laser z axis movement

My chinese laser has a poor z axis adjustment design.




As you can see in the above pictures,
I’ve to manually remove the bolts and adjust the bed according to the thickness of the workpiece , it gets even more harder when I’ve to place the railings on the slots given in the bed (refer picture 3 ).
I’m planning to solve this by adding some components so that I can move the bed with the knob. I’m looking for some suggestions so that I can start my design and eventually install one . I’m looking for some pictures and videos of the laser that has adjustable z axis controlled by a knob.

I cannot take a photo at the moment as self isolating after travel. My laser z axis is on a motor with an up/down switch. this might be to much for your smaller laser but the workings could possibly work on a smaller scale with a manual knob/turning handle.

It has 4 threaded bars vertically, 1 in each corner. the top of the bar is attached through the bed, and the bottom is attached to the bottom of the machine frame. around the bottom of each bar is a cogged wheel, and then a chain runs around all 4 bars, when the chain in turned it spins the bars together lifting or lowering the bed up and down the bars evenly. the rotation of the chain in your case would be through a knob / handle out the front/side of the machine…This might be to much work but once installed is a very efficient solution.

Another idea : replace the holed sections on your machine (where you have to put bolts) and put a U shaped channel so you can make something that will slide up and down that channel, and be tightened in position with a bolt in each corner.