Laserable Foil and a Top Coat Finish Question

Has anyone used the laserable foil tape as shown here and sprayed on top coat finish such as Mohawk EZ Vynly Sealer or Lacquer?

My woodshop class is tasked with making over 100 hall passes for the various teachers we have on staff. We are going to use the Variable Text CSV method. Considering using a wooden base such as Beech with the golden laserable tape. My biggest concern would be that students handling the hall pass as some may pick at the at hallpass text and logo. How premanent is the tape, and can it be covered with a clear coat finishes such as Mohawk EZ Vinyl Sealer or Lacquer?

For reference, the last year’s hall passes we used 1/8" yellow transparent cast cell acrylic. With the text and logo lasered into the cast acrylic sheet.

Looks interesting… Keep in mind…

Are your fonts single stroke? I have a hard time finding much that is actually single stroke. I’ve bought some fonts, but they are double stroke, so the head makes two passes over each line. I think that will complicate the cut issue.

Enough power to get through the foil and less than enough to damage the wood.

I’m sure the manufacturer has some kind of data sheet that will tell you what surfaces it will adhere, and the preparation required for the best bond to that material.

A coating of some type would help ensure they didn’t ‘pick if off’… There is also the option of a ‘thick’ epoxy that will encapsulate it much like some coffee tables have the thick coating…

If you do this, let us know how it works out…

Good luck


Thank you to all that responded. I am going buy a roll and do a test with the spray on top coats. I will post the results and finding.

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Video in your link is not foil. It says gold colored Mylar.
To cut though real gold foil - you need to have golden leaf (microns thick). Too much fine work. Any thicker - you may just score it but not cut.

I use gold colored permanent vinyl film like this. It cuts like a butter even with small laser (~1W?), reasonably clean edges and generally looks great. This is alternative to Cricut method. Pretty much any Cricut Vinyl works great with laser. This opens up really large creative field.
I got gold vinyl application on my phone case - almost month later in my pocket still looks great and no sign of pilling off.
I’m sure it is possible to seal it with resin/epoxy, or even with coat of urethane.

I already got bunch of rolls of similar shiny vinyl of various colors for fun artwork.

The way I cut: flatten it and press perimeter, after cut - applied removable office scotch tape. There is special transfer film by Cricut. I use what I have. Once lifted - I pluck waste, remove film and transfer on the target. The way shown on video - if you don’t mind burn marks on wood - you may apply then burn then remove waste. It is also possible to do the same on durable surfaces like metals. My target so far was TPU and various plastics, so I cut first then transfer.