Lasercutting Acrylic pipe

Hi all,
Anyone tips and tricks on how to program shapes to cut in pipes with rotary axis? Do you need a special program or just draw it in Solidworks like program and then unfold? Maby you got suggestions…


You’d just draw it flat, with the Y axis length set to match the outside circumference of the pipe, like you had “unwrapped it”. Then just run it on a rotary.

Thanks Oz,
That’s how I do it right now but with som more complex shapes it’s difficult to draw in 2D and to see if it matches your ideas.

If you can unfold in Solidworks, the result will be just as Oz suggests, no need to start in 2D. All that is really required is a file format that LB accepts. I see some of the design appears to wrap and merge. That could be tricky in alignment. It would be better if the unwrap has a straight edge on both sides, rather than a contour that has to meet up, but with care and fine tuning you may be able to make it work.