LaserGRBL to LightBurn

I have used a variety of software with the Eleksmaker A3, Firmware 1.1e on Mana SE controller with success. LaserGRBL, T2, and the included Eleksmaker software all work fine! I purchased LightBurn to use some of the many features that this package has over the others. But I find the values for setup don’t match the values in the LightBurn setup file and some of the values don’t even exist in the file at all.

I’m not new to embedded systems, I’ve been developing embedded systems for 45 years and embedded Linux systems for the past 20 with a lot of success. But this product seems to be missing something in explaining how to set it up to simply operate in the right X direction movement. The controller seems to be set correctly to GRBL M3. but the X direction goes opposite the movement programmed. The origin setting is not clear at all, and there seems to be no information at all on migrating from a competitors product or products to LightBurn. Since T2 and LaserGRBL work flawlessly, is there any information anywhere that makes it easy for existing users of your competition to migrate to LightBurn.

Thank you in advance for your help.

The first thing I would do is flash the controller with 1.1f so that you could create a device using the standard GRBL device in LightBurn. This should be a trivial task with your long experience with embedded systems. Once you have this done, we can walk you through the settings and get you up and running.

When you say, “I find the values for setup don’t match the values in the LightBurn setup file” can you elaborate on which values you’re referring to?

For GRBL, you generally want laser mode enabled ($32=1) and the LightBurn device origin set to front-left. If your machine does not have limit switches, you can either power up with the laser head at front left so that is the origin, or you can jog it there and enter G92 X0 Y0 in the console to set the origin position. Or, just use ‘Current Position’ as the working mode, and then you don’t need to have absolute positioning for anything.

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