Lasergrbl vs lightburn

I am trying to transition to lightburn from grbl and having mixed results. I have a ATOMSTACK a5 pro+ m40. Right now I am etching glass. I had great success on the same glass with the same coating at 100% and 250mm with 5 lines per mm in laser grbl. In lightburn I try 100% and 1600mm with 4 pass and .072 per mm and am barely getting any etching effect

I assume this is the interval which is about 5 dpi…? Then you specify an interval of .072 per mm?

Did you setup your machine using something from Atomstack to configure your machine?

There is the Lightburn documentation for standard grbl setup… It’s likely that it’s the $30 value of the controller not being equal to the S-Value Max setting in Lightburn Device Settings.

If Atomstack has a procedure for using Lightburn, you should use theirs.


First, 1600mm is more than 6 times as fast as 250mm, so I wouldn’t expect to get a similar output. Start by using the exact same settings as you did in LaserGRBL.

Also ensure that your S-Value Max in device settings matches your machine’s setting. This video walks you through the process.

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s-value max is set at 1000.

Atomstack has minimal specifics for setup for machine with lightburn.

It was definitely the speed of mm/m vs mm/sec. I had not noticed that lgrbl was mm/min. and lightburn is mm/s thanks for that

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You can (and should) change your LB settings to mm/min as well (you can do it in main settings window).

that is what i figured out, it hadn’t even dawned on me the different scale measurements