Lasering a memorial tile on granite

I created this file with photoshop. I used to use rd works with my old laser and my new laser I use lightburn. I am trying to import this file into lightburn and I can get it in there but it isnt on the paper as you can see the paper is in the center of the image. How can I fix this?

It looks like you have your machine size configured to be about 1" square. The image is importing as 12" square. Normally I’d just say scale your image down but 1" square can’t possibly be the real size of your machine. Profiles says your new laser is on the way - is that the machine you will be using LightBurn for and you are just trying it out right now? If so, you’ll need to click on “Devices” and then edit your machine profile to give it the correct bed size.

I am using that laser now it is about a year old how do I adjust that I Just downloaded the trial on this pc to fool with this in the house. The one in the shed has the real lightburn on it.

you are a lifesaver i got it. :slight_smile:

Here is a good place to start:

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