Lasering Bitmaps

Trouble Lasering Bitmap images using Lightburn Software.

We have had Lightburn software for a week or so and have begun a project which we frequently run. We are lasering a bitmap image fill onto a piece of material, now previously we used RD Works which came with the machine but since have been advised to get Lightburn Software as there are a lot of other benefits too which are working and we are utilising. the only issue so far is trying to laser Bitmap images, the quality is poor and looks foggy or has a shadow that shouldn’t be there and that doesn’t show on the preview file either.

The odd thing is the issue does not occur when running the same job through RD Works but does with Lightburn (same power and speeds) so it must be a software issue not a hardware issue.

Does anyone know how to get fix this issue and create the sharp etching as done by RD Works?

Possibly tell us what sort of problems. Not really enough info for anybody to offer suggestions. Have you watched any videos yet ?


Sorry, first time i’ve used the forum so just getting to grips. yes I have uploaded some more info on it now!

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