Lasering images on mirrors

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to laser engrave pictures/photos on mirrors. Logos work fine and I understand photos on wood will work fine as well with the correct Image Mode, but what with mirrors?
I could do several test and waste a couple of mirrors, but I’d rather find out this way,



Works perfectly, I’ve done it. It’s just like engraving glass, the CO2 laser will be absorbed by the glass and wont’ reach the reflective back.

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Or you can just reverse your image and burn the reflective coating off the back of the mirror and spray or hand paint the back where the coating has been removed.

Image could then be any color you want and front surface remains smooth and easy to keep cleaned for whoever gets it.

I should have pointed out that I use a diode laser and that I’m effectively engraving the reflective coating and it is now removed completely. Can I have gradients in there so I can print pictures?


I don’t know, I haven’t tried it with a diode laser.

You don’t need a gradient to do a picture if you dither it. Mirrors don’t “darken” so they won’t hold grayscale shading, but they can be dithered.

OK, cheers, will test with dithering,