Lasering leather

I have done leather work off and on for most of my life in among other endeavors.

Two of my designs in leather. I want to do these with the laser if I can handle the cadaver smell long enough to complete them. Lol Haven’t seen very many examples of lasering leather that I was too impressed with.

I think when you lase it, it will burn, much like a ‘brand’…

Nice work… Tried a few wallets while in HS…


I agree with jkwilborn- you will not get the same effect that hand-tooling does. However, you can get different effects and mix them with hand tooling! If you do laser on leather, I suggest you use bitmap files and use stucki or jarvis imaging to avoid burning the leather too much. Check out RDworks learning lab on YouTube with Russ Sadler for an episode on leather imaging. You can also make embossing dies for leather, you need some sort of pressure device, you must be familiar with a “clicker.” [DIY Leather Stamp Plates With A Laser Engraver - YouTube]

Thank you,

As a matter of fact I have a clicker, I made part of it myself.
I fiddled with making dies. Also have tools and dies for making steel rule dies.
Corian makes fairly good dies but makes a mess in machine with the dust collecting on nozzle. Appeared to be somewhat static.