Lasering Letters Correctly

Notice Lettering is messed up when overlapping adjoining letter. I have “Weld” turned on.
What am I missing?

Slightly modified image in PhotoShop.
I know the letters have to be either merged/welded or separated entirely. “I am so confused!!!”

That is how it looks for me when I import paths from inkscape before a union/weld inkscape.

after importing, ungrouping then welding it looks the same as if I had typed it in Lightburn, ie with no overlaps.

Did that text originate in lightburn or somewhere else ?

Text originated in Adobe Illustrator

try selecting text in lightburn then ungrouping, then using the weld button,

I didn’t ungrou

:+1: Hey glad you are good!

The problem is that the text originated in Illustrator, so it’s just shapes when imported into LightBurn.

You’ll have to select the shapes yourself and click the ‘Weld’ button to fuse them together, or create the text in LightBurn to begin with so the automatic text welding can do the job.

If I put them into Photoshop after Illustrator would that make any difference?

It would turn them into an image instead of vectors. Photoshop is a paint application that edits images and doesn’t understand or output vector shapes, and Illustrator is a vector application, so they have different purposes.

I understand that. Having used both forever. Lol
I was curious if running an image through PS would eliminate the problem with the Vector in LB.

In illustrator you would select the typeface/word. Then under Type, choose Create Outlines, then under Object choose Compound Path and Make. Then fill with black. You can also try “unite” under the Pathfinder.

Thank you, I appreciate it.