Lasering map misaligned

really new to lasering thing. I bought a sculfun S9 and I’m currently using Lightburn. I designed a map and for the material I’m using i need 4 passes at 100%, 420 speed. I tried different optimization setting but for this specific cut you can see when the laser comes for the second pass it is misaligned.

Also you can see i designed on adobe this compass rose but the laser completly wrecked this. i don’t really know what I’m doing wrong.

Please help me, thank you in advance.

the main problem you have is belt issue on the Y belts.

Try this file and post results please
Dot Test with Angle.lbrn (46.3 KB)

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Additionally, here is a guide on how to check your laser for mechanical issues:

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I have just received my A9 and had a similar issue. After checking the belt is appeared that one of the screws which connect the belt holder to the laser was not tight. This resulted in some movement between belt and laser.
After tighting this screw the problem was solved.

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First, thank you for the feedback. here are the photos:

@misken sent the guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance. what should I check for this specific problem?

thank you again

Definitly you have some hardware/Gantry issues
Not only belt tension but also - probably- your sprokets are not tight to the motor shafts
I would review everything start to finish

Will do. i will come back with feeback.

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We did a full review to the hardware. We identified that a belt was a bit loose. We tighten the belt and reviewed the squareness of the structure.

We got much better results:

We got it straight! Thank you for your help!
We just had this little woobly on striaght lines. Could this be too much tension? (we cleaned any debris.

Again, thank you for the help.

In my limited experience with machines built like your sculpfun, the belts and rollers need to be tighter than you would initially think. This is especially true for line work at engraving speeds…such as you’re showing above.

If any roller will turn without notable resistance with the gantry or laser immobilized, it needs tightened until there is enough resistance to move the axis by simply twisting the roller. Without mechanical tensioners, the belts should be about as tight as you can pull them with bare fingers.

The laser itself also needs to be firmly secured to the carriage. I believe some Sculpfun machines still use a “pendulum” mounting setup that is (IMO) TERRIBLE for rapid motion. The mass of the laser hanging on that long thin bracket resists changing direction and wobbles. If so, move both the laser and the workpiece up, up, up. :grin:

by your pattern and the Y font i would say your X can take a tiny bit more tension, besides that is as good as you might be able to get it

The wiggles, you moving too fast

Thank you so much Gil.

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Thank you for the feedback. i will be sure to test it further.