Lasermaster 3 constant beeping when powered up

Hi, Can anyone help me with a problem that just happened after updating the Firmware to 207 on the Lasermaster 3, when it rebooted and ever since, it is constantly beeping and the power button flashes between white and yellow. Its seems to engrave and cut as normal, but just constantly beeping. I refreshed the firmware, but its still the same.

Constant beeping after firmware update. Retried.
Ortur tech says I didn’t have SD card installed. This is where they told me to plug it in huh???

I also had the issue of random stops in middle of a burn.
I packed it up and returned it. Tired of having to be a troubleshooter!!

This is in the manual that came with your OLM3.

One community member contacted Ortur Tech support and was reminded that they left the TF card out of the slot on the laser engraver.

I don’t know if that’s what’s causing the beeping in your case but I moved those posts to this thread to keep the beep all in one place.

Hi John, it turned out to be the card indeed. After I put it in the beeping stopped. Many thanks for the help.

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