Laserpoint position?

Hello, what and where do I have to set that I can see and follow the current position of the laser point while lasering in the program?
LaserGRBL shows me the position synchronously

That option is off by default, but you just need to click on the “Show Last Position” button:

With the exception of homing and while streaming a job, this will keep your laser position showing in real time as you get stuff setup.

You can see the position after any jog or move command with the switch Adam shows above. The ‘and follow’ part is not going to happen however, as it serves no purpose other than to allow remote monitoring of the job, which we will not do. Lasers need babysitters.

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Pity, there LaserGRBL is further and more user friendly :frowning:

As @LightBurn noted, it’s a matter of safety. Showing the laser location on LightBurn (or LaserGRBL) while a job is running encourages people to not watch their laser while it is cutting. And that’s how you burn your house down, which is not very user friendly.

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I don’t see a laser spot on the program when I click on “Show last position”…

“Show last position” and then “Get Position” did NOT work … No Koordinates No laser spot in Programm
Ortur 15w Laser

Have you homed the machine, or zero’d it? When you click ‘Get Position’ what numbers are displayed next to the button?

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