Lasers shut each off when on

I have neje master 2 Max and comgrow z1. When I try to put both lasers on at the same time they shut each other’s off they used to work fine not anymore do you have any thoughts about what’s going on I have no idea thank you so much

Are you running them simultaneously?

Are you running them from a single instance of Lightburn?

What do you mean?

More information of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it would be very helpful.


I would put one laser on set it up with the file and then I would start the other one it would shut off the first laser it used to be going together all the time never had an issue with each one getting shut off when I put the other laser on. Not sure what you mean about single instance in lightburn ,thanks

If you open Lightburn in a window, that is one instance. Now minimize it, and use the shortcut (or EXE) to open another copy. You now have two instances running, totally independent of each other, in two windows. Are the Neje and Comgrow running in their own “instance”, or are you using one instance of Lightburn to control both machines?

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