Lasertree won't stop burning


I am using a Lasertree Module on my Ortur 2 frame. I had an ortur module originally, but swapped to the Lasertree, before Ortur came out with their latest dual diode module. I was cutting and engraving fine today and all of a sudden when I went to frame my design, it actually engraved the frame shape. Then I moved it and clicked set origin and it started burning and wouldn’t stop til I shut it down.

I have rebooted, disconnected and reconnected, same result. I put my old ortur back on and it works fine, just so much slower. I have a message into LaserTree, but was curious if anyone had any ideas. I don’t know their warranty, so I went ahead and bought another one so I could get it by Tuesday. I want a back up anyway.


There was another user with I believe this same setup that had the same issue where traversal lines were being cut. I don’t think it got to the point where the laser wouldn’t shut off however. Also in that case there was no period where it did work correctly.

Curious if there’s a fundamental problem with those modules or there’s an incompatibility of some kind. I recall the user even swapped out the module at one point.