Lasertube is not cutting acrylic, reason output is 4 dots output

I have a 50 Watt 500x300 laser since a few months and after nearly 12 hours of burning time of the lasertube I noticed that de laser was not cutting at all.
First i though that the alignment of the mirrors would have been shifted and so i put tape before the 1st mirror to realign.

There i noticed that in stead of 1 point the output where 4 dots on the tape.

Is this a defect of the tube ? Really weird as I never go over 15mA (Tube 45/50W 800mm)

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we’ve had that “4 dot phenomenon” before here in the forum, I just can not find this thread right now. It ended up that the laser tube was replaced from the supplier because it was defective. Sorry, but I think that applies to you too

Thank you for your reply. I’m sure that this is the problem. I’ll order a new tube as the warranty is 1 month according to the chinese supplier.

However, first try to ask the supplier nicely if they will help you, often the Chinese are afraid of bad publicity of their business and come up with a compromise proposal. (unless your laser tube is more than a year old)

… I just see, your time log which is a nice feature, with this documentation you should have a good argument with the supplier.

After contacting the supplier i got the message that warranty on Lasertube is only 1 month !
For a machine costing about € 1200,- a 1 month warranty is not really hopeful.

I purchased a new tube and am waiting for it now. Should be in in a few days (Bought is in Europe)

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