Last project - only a demo

Lately, there have been people who think that LightBurn is not really useful when it comes to the design part. I 100% disagree with them. In this small project, I show that it is possible to use LigtBurn for more than just controlling a laser. Note, my design is not traced or otherwise imported into LB, but exclusively drawn by myself-in Lightburn with the existing tools. It took a little longer (approx. 3 hours) with all the details, but the result says it all.
It will be, again, a wrapping for a monetary gift, I will send a picture when it is finished.


WOW, superb job! I had no idea of that level of versatility.

Here it is, the money fits nicely on top of the RW :wink:
(everything is done exclusively in LightBurn)


orao nosi ribu.lbrn2 (187.5 KB)

A little explanatory text is missing :wink:

Where can I get a copy of Lightburn Design for Dummies? You just knocked me back to Newbie! :rofl:

I don’t think I’m particularly good at using LightBurn, but I really enjoy working with the program, that and working with LightBurn for the first 5 years is probably what I would call “Dummies for LightBurn” :wink:

Seriously, there are so many videos on YT that you have to sort a bit to find all the good ones, but they are there! And, the actual documentation of LB has also become very comprehensive, precise and easy to read.

Keep the passion

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How did you cut the tabs holding the money? :grin:

It’s 3mm plywood, so I made 2x3mm cutouts, in the ring money holder and in the RV, a little tight and fitted it together.
Write back if I need to explain myself better or show it in LigtBurn.

Lucie, I thought of you when I made this for her, she is as fresh and lovely as you and just bought herself this RV for her 75th birthday.

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One of my sisters is a traveling trauma nurse and I have been racking my brains to think of something to make for her. I would like to weld the money holder to an airplane. I know who to grab airplane vector, etch, text, weld…I can’t quite make out your money holder. Yes, showing me in Lightburn will probably big a hugh help.

The cash holders are basically napkin rings with little finger feet that grab the top of the RV.

I have sent you a PM :+1:

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OMG “Easy Peasy”. The hard part was finding your reply. Still figuring out “pm”. :grin:

private mail, private message, personal message…, I thought it was an “American” term :rofl: