Last update problem Array of selected objects

I have just installed the latest update of Light Burn. I noticed that when I used the Array of selected objects tool, in other words, the duplicate tool. The designs are not copying as they should. ( see pic).

Please can anyone tell me how to roll back to the previous state of the software because I have some work that needs to be done! I video tutorial would be great if there is one available.

Thank you

You’ve got the new Virtual Array option enabled which renders virtual objects with that dashed pattern so that you know they are virtual and synced to the original.

See more here:

You can select the original shape, right click, choose “Edit Array” and then turn off the “Create Virtual Array” option to go back to the old way of doing things.
In a soon to be released bugfix release we will be switching the default back to the old way of doing arrays.

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You are using the new Virtual Array. “If you create a grid array, you now have the option to make it virtual,…”

Live / Virtual Arrays

If you create a grid array, you now have the option to make it virtual, meaning that the copies are generated on the fly. The array properties and content can be changed, and the array updates automatically: Redirecting...

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Thank you Adam and Rick for your prompt reply. Your reply was very helpful. Keep it up guys. You Rock!!!

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