Latest Lightburn Update knock out anyone else's lens alignment settings? HELP PLEASE

Anyone just update their Lightburn software and end up with your laser alignment settings whacked out of place?

When I first started with my laser machine I paid an employee to first learn from scratch who setup the entire thing, set params, installed lightburn, etc etc and while I later learned a lot on how to operate the laser, I was never part of the setup. Today I got a notification Lightburn had an update so of course I allowed it to update which installed fine but when I went to engrave I noticed the laser pointing perfectly down as it should but when I clicked the outline tool to confirm my engraving would be perfectly centered on the rotary (engraving the inside of a ring) upon clicking the “Frame button” I noticed the laser shooting a good 6" off to the left of it’s normal target which is typically dead center down.

I’m assuming this might be an alignment issue so I went to the laser settings to align and it said I had to first align with the lens align tool. Okay so I did that and noticed nothing is in that box at all regardless if I choose fisheye or regular lens.

That employee who set up the machine no longer works here so I really didn’t know who else to ask other than you guys and of course lightburn which I’ll be doing next as well after this message but did any of you guys notice after the most recent update your alignment settings get deleted like this or have any idea to point me in the right direction to fix this issue?

I’m really behind in my work and this was the last thing I needed right now. Thanks!

Michael Baker, Jeweler

I believe the settings are all stowed safely in the lbprefs file.

Save whatever you’re working on. In the File menu click New and start a new project.

In LightBurn click File, click Load Prefs Backup, and select a file with a date where the engraver was working properly and Click Load on the bottom right.

If Windows updated, sometimes they sign you out of OneDrive and other microsoft services where your files may be hiding. If this is the case, Log in there and retest.

Follow @JohnJohn suggestions…

I’d like to add that most all fiber lenses are F-Theta meaning a flat focus plane…

Each lens is different and each will have it’s own correction information file.

The correction file knows your work area and has all the correction information in it.
I purchased three more lenses and corrected them with the EZCad2 software CoreFile2. This produces a .cor file with the lens information. If you use a .cor file, you can see it’s path in the Device Settings cor file…

I purchased an F420mm lens for 300x300mm coverage with the laser. It has a configuration file that can be imported when you create a new fiber device… On mine it’s markcfg7, this was factory supplied.

Good luck


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That was it JohnJohn, you saved the day for me, the laser is back inline. I was really stressed all the calibrations were lost because I remember my employee taking a lot of time with a black cardboard sheet to finely tune everything but the good news is it’s back. Thank you again!

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Appreciate the added info Jack, I’ve printed these all out (yours as well) just in case that ever happens again. Much appreciate both your help!

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