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I have a KT-332 controller, 60W CO2 28x20 with auto-focus. When I detect the laser, it shows up twice in the list, and if I frame the object I wish to engrave, it only does a partial frame. If I repeat the frame command, it may or may not finish, and under the devices, it is showing two comm-ports. I have attempted cleaning off the old drivers, and reinstalling, but still not working reliably. I am able to use the network to send the file, but on large or complex jobs, it will sometimes stop in the middle of the job (using the USB). Seems to work well on the network. Do I still have some remaining ghost drivers? Mac OS-X 11.6 Big Sur.

Sorry, I don’t have an answer to your first issue but you mention larger jobs being sent over USB not completing. Especially for larger jobs it is better to Send the job to the laser and then used the Start button on the laser’s controller than to use the Start button in Lightburn.

When you Send the job to the laser the entire job is stored in the controller’s memory and is cut/burned from there.

When you use Lightburn’s Start button the job is sent to the controller in segments and there are a lot of things that factor into maintaining a connection over USB. In your case it sounds like during a large job your computer or laser controller is dropping the USB connection.

Hope this help with at least that issue.

Search this forum and you will find that the latest macOS updates are causing issues with comms over USB. We continue our work to find a resolution, and also offer that you can connect using Ethernet or the new LightBurn Bridge for more reliable communication with your Ruida control system.

I’ve looked briefly at the lightburn bridge, I will work more on getting that functioning, but for now, I will rely on the IP connection, even though it is not a direct connection, but via a wifi point in a mesh network.

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