Latitool f50 elipses not engraving correctly

Hi I have a Latitool f50 and had to configure it manually since the app didn’t recognize it. I have done a couple of test but all circles appears skew and the shape is not uniformed. Also could not use the home button since it says at the console that is not enable on the device settings. Any help for correctly setting the f50 manually, I think I’m missing a couple of things. Thanks

No, a bunch of things. The F50 is a GRBL controller. You should select that as your controller (machine) type. The machine parameters should have already been set to those appropriate to your machine. Google “GRBL” for a deluge of information for parameter settings. Carefully read the descriptions and Google the phrases you do not understand. Once you get the machine set up, you can then start playing with Lightburn and materials. Upload a picture of the circles and help with that will be on the way. HOME option is a machine parameter setting ($22, To set up the homing cycle for Grbl, you need to have limit switches).

GRBL Settings Pocket Guide

You should find this useful…

Thanks for the chart there’s a lot going on on this machines. I found a video that explained how to correct skew text and circles not drawn correctly and other stuff and now It’s working great. I saw what you said about the home settings I’ll take a look to that and see if I can solve it.


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