Layer and dxf importing!

Hello! I have a dxf file with only 2 layers made in Rhino. The 2 layers represent cut lines/circles and marking lines/circles. So i just made the 2 layers different color to easily distinguish the cutting from marking lines.
Now when i import the file in LB i also get a 3rd layer that i never made and is creating a mess .
Can i make LB to recreate the layers only according to color or the name?

What are the contents of the 3rd layer? Are they a subset of what you expect in the first two layers or something else entirely?

I’m not super familiar with DXF imports but a simple test shows that layer colors seem to be respected and retained.

Also, make sure that you are using the RGB layer colors that match LightBurn exactly otherwise LightBurn will do a best effort fit of the color to a layer.

Today I made a small change on the layers! I set the display color in the object setting to by layer rather than by parent as it was and everything is ok now!!!

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