Layer colors settings

It seems the software is designed to save the colors of the layers to the parameters set by the last project.

When I save a project with all the cut/engrave settings in the layer colors I want it to be that way the next time I open that project, but it always shows me the color settings from whatever project I was working on last. Sometimes it is hard to remember what exactly settings I had.

Is there any way to have the software keep the cut/engrave settings as per project?

Two in fact, and thank you for this question.

The first, double-click a layer from the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window to expose the ‘Cut Settings Editor’, then set what you’d like. Now look to the button options at the bottom. :slight_smile:

Defaults and changing between files

You also have the ‘Material Library’(s), available to store cut settings you’d like to apply for a given material and lasing needs.

thanks for the fats reply, Rick. However I don’t think this solution will accomplish what I am looking for.

The materials library seems quite cumbersome for what I am trying to do, and the first solution seems to just make whatever settings I create as the default for that color.

I am trying to have each project save whatever colors settings I make for that project, while another project using the same colors will retain its own settings for each color.

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Cut Settings are stored with the .lbrn file so if this is not the behavior you’re getting then you may not be working in the expected workflow.

Are you possibly importing projects rather than opening them? Normally you want File->Open, not File->Import unless you’re specifically trying to import geometry into an existing project.


I sometimes do either of these things. I will pay more attention to this now. Hopefully it is the answer.

Thanks again

Here is a low and dirty workaround that I sometimes use: Assuming you are using the same materials on a recurrent basis, you can create your own master file for each in the lightburn files folder.

All the master file needs is a single line or character for each colour you use, and the saved settings for each. So five colours/layers, let’s say five circles. Call it master plywood/acrylic/whatever and save it.

Next time you OPEN the master file for that material, then IMPORT your new design, then delete the five circles, position etc your new design as usual and SAVE AS the new file name that you choose.

Not an elegant solution I do confess, just a workaround from an older geezer who has occasionally been privileged enough to make other older geezers feel positively warm and fuzzy inside…

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