Layer Name from material library not applying to layers

I’ve seen this one posted before, with no answers. So I’m just going to copy/paste from the previously closed-post.

The materials library is very useful but there’s one thing that’s counterintuitive and frustrating which is the material/cut name. When creating or editing a cut in the library, you can assign it a name like you can with any cut. However, when you assign this cut from the library to a layer, the name does not come with it. Instead, the current layer/cut name remains and you have to manually edit the cut from the Cuts/Layers menu.

The cut name from the library should be applied just as all of the other data from the cut is applied, or at least this should be an option in case some people like the current behavior.


LightBurn provided s platform to present feature request ideas and have them voted on by the community for inclusion in upcoming releases of the software. That would be your best bet to try and get a change like this included. It’s available at the top of the page under “Feature Suggestions”

Update from Suggestions page:

Oz: My library material names are quite long, and wouldn’t likely fit in the name column, however with the recent versions we do show material linkage, like this:

(updated image for post)

Examples using Material Library Name:

Thanks Rick. I’ll have to give the Link feature a try. Hadn’t tried that.

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Although my issue is not identical, I don’t want to repeat the same topic, so I’m contributing to this post. I have a material library and I think I know how to use it. I’ve set up the layers and selected everything I need to, but the ‘Apply’ button is disabled. I’m confused about what’s going on and what I’m doing wrong. It feels like every time I make progress, I end up taking steps back with this stuff. cc @Rick

Hoping it gets easier soon.
Frusterated in Texas.

Hey there - looks like maybe you’re trying to apply a cut/fill type of template from your library to an image. I’m not in front of my computer right now but will try to circle back with an example. Have a wonderful night - and hang in there. It will get easier. It’s a learning process for sure.

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So what I am guessing it that you cannot apply library items to image layers?

Hi again :slightly_smiling_face:

I went into a project that has many images, and when I looked at my library, I too had none I could apply. That’s because all the ones I created in my library were not applicable to image. They were either cut/score, or fill/engrave.

To get an image setting in my library, I took my image and then from the image layer I clicked “create new from layer” and now I have that in my library.

This is before I created an image layer in library:

notice “assigned” is greyed out.

See the “Create new from layer”?

Let me know if you need more help. Have a great day!


YOU ARE AMAZING @hokieinidaho Thank you so much. :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

Yes, @hokieinidaho is correct. Image settings are unique and can only be applied to an image layer. :slight_smile:

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