Layer Naming or Re-naming

I have read through some of the questions about naming layers. It seems that the name is stored both in the project and also in some default area within LightBurn. When you start a new project, the layers names are set to what the last project had for names, at least for the layers that it uses.

Is there an easy way to reset all of the names back to some default setting C00, C01, C02… or do we just live with the names we use in one project in all projects?

After naming each layer in an early project based on the power level I used for each layer, I did go through and name them all back to C00, C01, C02… But that was a waste of time when I loaded the power test project again and the names went back to 100%, 90%, 80%,… Seems like a never ending cycle of naming layers. :wink:

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+1 for me as I have had this exact same question for a while (I’ve just never asked and have been living with the layer naming challenge).

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Add me to the list of people who think the persistent layer names is rather irritating.

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To Illustrate:

Here I have a project where I named the layer GlueGuide:

With this project saved, I create a new project and use that same layer. The layer name persists as GlueGuide:

In that new project I rename the layer to NewName and save this file (although saving the file after changing a layer name is not relevant):

Now when I create a new project from here, that layer name defaults to NewName:

But if I now reopen my original project in this example, the name reverts back to GlueGuide:

And now, even if I don’t save this original project in this example after reopening it, the layer name will default back to GlueGuide on any subsequent new project. That is until I open a different project having a different name for that layer where that layer name then becomes the new default.

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Maybe just save things the way you want them. i.e unnamed layers and put a shortcut to that file on the desktop instead of the default LB .exe.

That’s a good suggestion. Essentially:

  • Create and save a blank template having default layer names

  • Use the template to begin every project

  • Save As (new file name) to preserve the template

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