Layered wall art (Mandala Art)

Does anyone know of a resource other than Etsy where you can buy vector files for Layered Wall Art?
There are a couple of intricate designs like in the photo above, but most are super simple and not very elegant looking.
I’ve done several searches but I have not turned up anything.

Thanks in advance.

You could look here.
Just put in this search frase " 3D Layered SVG file "

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Thank you for the link.
I did a search and it turns very simple designs, mostly like what I have already found on Etsy.

I’ll keep looking.
Thank you!

I suspect the more sophisticated layered art that take many hours to design are going to be used by the designer as the finished designs can demand big prices and the designers don’t want to have their market ruined.

And free?:


I don’t want free files.
As I am sure you both know, free files downloaded from the internet are usually trash.
I want premium files and I am willing to pay for them.
And that is the problem, other than Etsy, I can’t find anywhere that sells layered designs like that.
And other than Etsy, it might not even exist but that is why I was asking here, in the event that someone knew of a resource that might have such.

Thank you both. :slight_smile:

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As I said when you can get a$1000 for one, why would you sell your design?
Available Editions - Shop — Gabriel Schama
This post has piqued my interest in trying my hand in some layered design.

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This person makes nice layered mandala files

edit: He used to sell his files, but it looks like he might not anymore.