Layering text over bitmap

Hey everyone I’m new here and to Lightburn, I’m sorry if I’m not posting in the right area.

I’m trying to add this box with text over this bitmap image like the photo ornament that I’m attempting to engrave (copy) but I can’t seem to get the box to take over the bitmap where I placed it, like what I’m trying to copy. Is there some sort of tool I can use to fill that space inside the box? I hope that makes sense lol. I’ve attached some images to help clarify.


You’re essentially stacking engraving operations on top of each other which is why the results look the way they do.

Hard to tell from just the screenshots but you may be able to get a somewhat acceptable result by merging C01 and C05 layers. This would force interpreting both of those as a single layer and would generate negative spaces where the shapes overlap.

I suspect you’ll have to do this properly by actively creating a cutout of the name label space from C01 so that the name can stand alone.

Upload file here if you want specific help with this.

You need to subtract the sign from your image. “Cut Shapes” will be able to handle the task, I think. You can send the file and I will try if it succeeds.

I ended up ungrouping the bit map and messed with the welding options and deleted all the other shapes that were inside of there and got what I was looking for. Thank you very much though!

I think if you create an image mask, using your name sign border as the inside of the mask, use trace image to create a vector for the outside of the mask, that may work without modifying your image at all.

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