Layers not Aligned Properly

Hey Guys,

So I also am fairly new here. Technically savvy but a laser noob. I have a few projects that I have done where the layers are completely misaligned. And it differs from copy 1 to copy 2. Attached you will see the device settings for my Ortur Laser Master 2 plus the layout of one project in LightBurn and the resulting burn. (And yes I realize I posted the QR code for my wifi, but its old and doesnt work anyway). This is minor in comparison to another one I did, but is shows the issue. The wifi symbol is supposed to be aligned with the bottom of the QR code. But the whole right side is shifted up. I have a few big projects coming up and this one is throwing me. Thank you for any help you may have for me.

image image

The two pictures you provided of the work are very small. I cannot see the end result.

Here are pictures of a more prominent issue. Three burns. Same project. Only changed layers on some of them. Thought maybe it was a layer grouping issue. You can see that the AMAZING TEAM logo moves on each one. And the name “Andrew” moves up and down on each as well.

Getting inconsistent results like this could be the result of speed / acceleration being too high, belt being too tight or too loose, or frame / gantry slop. Have you checked on any of these areas? Maybe experiment with lowering X and Y acceleration as well.

Also, a tip: when lasering wood give it a light sanding prior to running the job and vacuum the dust off. This will reduce the ghosting effect around the burned area. Or, for even better results, mask the wood (after sanding a vacuuming) with paper transfer tape. And finally, for high volume work, I tend to pre-sand, blow off with compressed air, laser, post-sand, blow off with compressed air.

What was the orientation of the job when run on the machine? IE were these scanned horizontally along the words, or vertically, one letter at a time?

I went back and looked at your pictures again after I reread your post, realizing you said …

Are these this far off from each other:

Yes! That’s why it is so strange. Maybe a few millimeters I would say it a tension thing. But this is literally all over the map. This is the layout in lightburn

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