Layers / Optimization question

I don’t understand why my projects are not engraving in the order I have setup. From what I can tell, it should do the engraved part (BLUE) first, then do the cutting. When I start the job its starting the cut on the right side as shown. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Because you have “Order by Group” set first, then Order by Layer. The order of those three items is important.

The way you have them set right now, LightBurn will process each root-level group as a unit. Within each group, it will then order by layer, and within each layer it will order by cut priority (which you likely don’t use - lots of people turn that on without knowing what it does for some reason).

If you set Order by Layer first, and by group second, it will do the layers in order, then within each layer it will go group-by-group.

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