Layers won’t show up on my macbook

My layers won’t show up even with full screen & im on the smallest i can get when i go to resolutions im using a macbook air

What is the resolution set to? You generally want higher resolution, not lower.

If you can’t go higher then you may want to collapse the two window panes on the right side of the screen to a single pane. That should free enough vertical space to bring the layer selections into view.

i fixed that but now my laser is just burning holes in the wood & not moving to engrave. it will move to one spot then just burn a hole. is there any videos you recommend for me to get started, because every time i figure out something, something else causes problems :joy:

I’d suggest starting with LightBurn’s instructions for a first project:

This video to understand the various start modes is also useful:

I’m not sure if this makes a difference but this is what the console part says

Thank you so much! i’ll watch these

Does your laser have homing switches? If so are you homing the laser?

After homing, don’t move the laser module by hand, use the jogging controls exclusively.

No it’s the atomstack a5 pro plus it doesn’t have homing switches i watched a few videos & it said to use absolute coordinate & always have home it in the bottom left

In that case before turning on the machine manually position the laser head at front left. That’s a manual homing process and the position of the machine will be considered 0,0. That will allow you to use Absolute Coords without issue. Additionally, make sure to only use jogging controls after you home or else the machine will lose track of position.


okay thank you i will use all your advice & videos & hopefully figure this all out