Layout of lightburn can be very frustrating

With all the updates recently, one was rather hoping that you might have sorted out the layout of lightburn so I can arrange these windows in the order I like without them constantly enlarging to fill the entire width of the screen

Perhaps a small screen? Mine layout fine. I did have trouble with a smaller laptop.

What layout are you trying to achieve and what’s preventing you from achieving that? It’s not clear from what you’re describing.

Are you deliberately going for floating windows rather than docking them?

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All good questions,
What I’m going for is what I have on the screen, but it takes me an age to organise the windows like this because they constantly want to expand and fill the entire width of the screen, when all I want is these 4 small windows grouped together on one side of the screen and out of the way.
This put me off updating Lightburn as means faffing around agin to get the layout I like

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Dock the two right windows so that they’re managed by the primary window and should stay out of the way no matter what you do. That leaves 2 floating windows.
  2. I haven’t seen the window expansion issue you’re describing but when that occurs perhaps try going to File->Preferences->Load Prefs backup to see if you can restore your old window positions. I’m not certain that works but worth a try.

Thank you for the suggestion,
How do I ‘dock’ the windows to the primary window?

Take a look through this video that walks you through it.

Note that if you were okay with having windows on both the left and right sides of the screen you could dock all four windows and not worry about having to manage the floating windows separately.

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There are multiple zones that allow docking. You’ve docked the Console to one on top. Instead, I’d suggest you dock to the right or left of the workspace.

Grab the window title bar with your mouse pointer and drag away from the current docked location, then drag to the right of workspace until you get a blue highlight where you’d like it to be docked. Then release.

Repeat for each window.

I think you can’t dock two columns on the right side of the main window. There is only one docking zone on each side. You can dock two windows left and two windows right:

Here, I put the console and move window to the left docking zone, and they stay there when moving the window. This positioning is also preserved when updating LightBurn (ok, at least in most cases, I also experienced lost window settings when updating LB already, but typically it went well).

Thank you for the suggestion

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