LB - 1.4.01 Beta

Can I install the Beta version as a separate installation, so as to work wih it in my own time? If so, will it register all my settings and tweaks from the current running version? Thank you, Brian.

Do you have intentions to introduce a feature on the rotary like EzCad’s “Ring TextMark” where you can visually align text inside a (narrow) wedding before you start to engrave? I find that a challenge to get it straight especially when the ring has a stone set in it. …look forward to hearing from you. Brian

In all likelihood… I have an icon for release and one for beta… I know you can invoke multiple instantiation of Lightburn…

Generally, on the same machine some of the files have common paths like most products.

I can run both release and beta simultaneously on my Ubuntu machine. Not a windows person, but I’m pretty sure you can do it there also… others do similar and I know it’s not all Ubuntu machines… :wink:

Sing out if you have issues…

Good luck


I have it on good authority that this is done all the time. I’m looking for the official word on it. I’ve failed to make this go (twice) on my Windows 10 box.

Yes, the new instance of LightBurn picks up the lbprefs file and picks up your specific settings.
It may be wise to Export Prefs (under File) so that you’ve got a recent, solid and handy set of all your settings before engaging with the beta.

I’ll have to ask the Galvo team about that.
In the meantime, please upvote it here:

That’s why Linux is so popular :wink:

Could you ask them about making the cancel button while it’s slicing (3dslice) work.

You have to wait for all 256 layers to be processed…?

I have a design, as I press preview I realize I didn’t change something… It starts to generate the 256 layers and you click cancel… it cancels the preview, not the creation of the 256 layers… sit there and wait…


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