LB 1.4.03 Hanging when using Help Mac OS 14.0

When going to help to search for info and I click a returned result, the menus at the stop responding. You can click through all menus and they highlight but they no longer respond by opening the menu items that are normally displayed. Clicking application name, Lightburn, at the top of the screen also doesn’t respond. If I go back to search for the same thing and I just hover over the returned topic, in this case, “optimize” it puts a white arrow (similar to a post-it arrow to point out something). That arrow also doesn’t line up with anything.

As long as you don’t use Help it seems to work fine but after trying to use help the only want to fix it is to click the red circle to close the app or force close. Trying to save a project is wonky after the application hangs and isn’t easily saved.

Issue was happening on 14.02 as well then upgraded to 14.03 thinking it would help, Nope

Hardware: Mac Mini
OS: 14.0 Sonoma
Profile: Generic GRBL - Serial/USB (I set this up as a dummy profile as I am not going to be connecting my device to this computer.

LightBurn itself does not have a “search” function in the help menu. I suspect this is MacOS 14 that does, and it is what’s causing the crash.

Got it. Quite possibly. I guess I’m used to looking for help right in an application. I’ll click the links from now on.

I am also having this issue, I use the “help > search” function frequently

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