LB 1.6 ,Camera alignment unstable

At the begin of my session, X offset was 3.8mm and it works perfectly. X and Y offset was registered in the profil.
Suddenly between 2 works, I seen a glitch on the screen and the image translate laterally, and now to be align I’ve been obliged to set the X offset to 0.8mm !?

Something to add to my post.
I’ve some profiles for the same set-up (openbuilds acro-55).
My first concern was with the pen-config.
Later, I switched to use a laser. Some offsets X and Y (slightly different values) were also stored. Then I noticed that the same ~3mm X translation have occured.

Hello Pascal
Question please
The material thickness is constant between work #1 and work #2?

Sorry to step in.
Is your bed level and well fixed?
Is the difference from left to right due to the angle of the photo or is there a misalignment?

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