LB 13.01 image adjust positive is negative?


any one else problems with image adjusting on version 13.0.1
I was adjusting a image and wrecked my work plate because the image was negative.

Did a copple of tests and i have to click on the negative option to getting the image possitive ??

here some photos.
quick test so image quality is not important.

“Negative Image” simply inverts whatever image you have. So for example, if you started with what appears as a negative image and then applyed “Negative Image” the image would then appear positive.

Having said that, not sure what you’re showing as the problem. The bottom image shows “Negative Image” enabled and the effect of that on the right.

But the outcome is positive on the work bed.
See the pictures en layers etc and you wil see the i had to activated the negarive to get a positive print on my laser object. Think you missed that :wink:

Sorry but its wierd and the world upsidedown at the moment.

The original photo is positive
And the print has to be positive also

The last picture is the setting van the positive sample on the first picture i posed.

Workspace view will not change irrespective of negative setting.

Sorry. Can’t quite follow what you’re saying here.

In any case, I may be misunderstanding. But in this image you have “Negative Image” enabled. This will negate the positive you start with into a negative image which is what you see on the right.

Or are you saying that this setting is resulting in a positive net image?

By the way, what material are you engraving to? Looks like black cardstock? When burned this should result in a white marking, correct? If that’s the case, black lines in a positive image will result in white lines on the surface. Is that what you want? If it’s not, then you would need to negate the image to achieve the look you’re going for.

Imagine you’re drawing on a chalkboard with white chalk.

Omg call me stupid.
Quess it not my day hahahaha

Your right i need the negetive for the stock cards.

Thnx for waking me.up again hahahahaha.

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