LB and OmTech Light B-10

Just got my OmTech B10 and ran into this problem. Fan will not turn on even though M8 is in the GCode.
To check I started LaserGRBL and connected to laser.
Closed LaserGRBL and the started LB (tried both 1.3.01 and 1.4.01 same results) and the fan starts, however, loading a project and trying to do anything (home, Origin, etc. and the laser won’t move.
Turn of laser while leaving LB active and it reconnects and you can home, origin, frame, etc. but the fan will not turn on. Anybody have any ideas if this is a software or hardware issue?

The fan might not need to come on… Most of these laser modules are smart and know when it needs to be running.

Mine spins up on power up and remains off until I get into a job and using it.

Is there only 3 wires to the laser module?


Found the issue. It seems the B-10 uses the M7 instead of M8 code to turn on the fan, so go into device and change the air-assist to M7 and it should work just fine, not sure if there is a speed control code, but that would be nice.

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I’ll have to check setting on my new B10. But, I also have machine unresponsive with both GRBL and Lightburn. But, for me to get working I have to raise front of machine up a couple inches and set down. Then software works. Some times needed unlock/reset command if error was triggered before lifting up. I think it has something to do with Gyroscope inside. Support has not responded yet through OMtech on issue.

Thanks for suggesting changing fan to M7. It works now as supposed to. When it was M8 fan would run on lightburn startup then actually shut off during work.

Jess, Didn’t know there was a gyro inside, If you find out what it is for from support, please post. Wonder if it is used to sense unit is trying to hit limits too hard and jarring machine??

Well I have not had it shut down from hitting a hard limit. Because I did not home first.

Jess, thanks, somehow I missed seeing that image.

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