LB as my "GO TO" design software

I must say thank you to LB for the best software so far. Although there are many softwares out there for design, I have been using LB to design all my work, export to AI and import into my other programs to run.

There are only a few features missing that would make this my only design software… How cool is that…

Thank LB!

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For me, it’s pretty much the other way around. I do the designs in OpenSCAD, then just do the final preparations for cutting in LB.

I agree with Anders. I taught master class sessions in Illustrator for years. I’m glad you are getting your work done in LB. I love it too but I would never come close to comparing what Illustrator and the Astute Graphics plugin library can do.

LightBurn wasn’t intended to replace a good artistic or CAD design package, but I’ve tried to make it powerful enough to do small jobs without needing another program, and will continue to add features in that direction. I’m happy to hear it’s working. :slight_smile:

I’ve used it myself for booleans, offsetting, welding, and tracing, even for files that started in another package.

For the price point of $40 it is a GREAT! program. I like it much better then using an expensive graphics program and a printer driver for the laser, like the one I used at the Milwaukee maker space. Don’t make it so big that you have to raise price. Works great with other software like Inkscape etc. Using it at home on CNC with diode laser upgrade. If I want restraints, etc. I will use Fusion 360. 5 Stars. Happy to pay $40 for this.

I agree, for many peeps it is all they will need. And does a very adequate job.

The editing features in LB are super useful, if I am designing something from scratch I will typically use a dedicated design tool, but once I import the vectors into LB any minor editing and alignment needs are easy to accomplish in LB.

The main feature I really miss are alignment guidelines (or construction lines). It would be very helpful to be able to click in the top or left ruler and drag an alignment line into the work area .

You can use normal lines for your layout needs, and set them on a separate layer that is not outputted.

Yes, and I do that. But such lines are not as easily created and moved as a guideline that is always parallel to its axis. And with Guidelines it is easy to look at the ruler to see how far the guideline is from other objects and other guidelines. Plus guidelines can snap to object edges and centers which is nice.

Maybe I was just spoiled using them in the Vectric products

I am used to rulers/guidelines myself. I would love to have this feature, and have voted for it on fider

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It will happen in time - Keep in mind that LightBurn is just over a year old at this point, and almost entirely by a single developer with a day job. Now that I don’t have the day job to deal with, I’m expecting the development pace will ramp back up again.


I have no complaints, I must tell 10 people a day on facebook to download the LB trial code.

Plus I just saw you published a new update today! Although I am still not clear on the difference between Paste and Paste in Place.

Didn’t publish a new update today (where did you see this?) but it’s coming relatively soon.

Paste-in-place is so you can cut something from the job and put it back exactly where it was before you cut it. Useful for temporarily removing something from the workspace.

Not sure when it was actually published, I just saw 8.07 today.

That’s sort what I thought Paste in Place was, but if I copy some text from outside of LB the only paste option is “Paste in Place” since it was from outside not sure why I must use Paste in Place. Seems like Paste would be the correct method.

0.8.07 has been out for a while. Like, a really long time. Really, really long time.



I must not have updated my laptop for a long time then. If LB is only about a year old the update cannot be that old, can it?

Only when measured in LightBurnYears.

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Ctrl-V will still work. I think I’m not getting the correct system notification when you activate LightBurn again with something on the clipboard. I’ll have a look.

8.07 was released 62 days ago, I have food in my fridge older than that.

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I don’t think there’s ever been a release (other than the current one) that’s taken much more than a month. I try hard to update monthly, but between Christmas and closing out the day job it’s taken longer for this one.