LB Cam not working on Laptops, but fine on Desktop

Hey all,

Maybe someone can point out some little thing I am missing here…

I have the LB Camera, running Win7 on both laptops I’ve tried. Cam shows on device manager as working, Cam shows video in webcam software, but not native in LB…
In LB, there are 2 sources sown: LB Camera ( not working) and WebCam Splitter ( does work, but at lower resolution ).

As stated in Topic Title, cam works fine with LB installed on a Win10 Desktop.
I thought it might have been USB1 on the older Laptop, but it’s the same on the newer ( but still kind of old ) laptop…

Ruida controller, Redsail X-900 ( not that it really matters with this issue)

Could I just need to update to Win10?

I tested the cameras on Win8 machines (including a laptop) but don’t have Win7 machines to test with. If it works with other camera software that gives me a direction to look.

well, i am upgrading to Win10 on that Laptop.

I’ll update here.

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Yeah, upgrade to Win 10 took care of it…

Now to add some lighting so the cam can see better

How much did it cost to upgrade to windows 10? I can’t find a free upgrade.

i didnt register the reinstall… don’t plan on it either. the only difference is that I cab’t tweak some windows settings like desktop background image and other inconsequential stuff.

use the windows media creation tool from ms dot com