LB Camera 8 MP 80 vs 120W

Looking to add a camera to my XTool D1Pro extended. Working area is 936x432. I would prefer the 120W for the lower mounting height but am concerned with the distortion at a 120 degree field of view. Would I be better to accept the greater mounting height of the 80 degree for the lower distortion? Or does the software and calibration adequately correct for those issues?
Thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer!

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You’ll notice it’s based on height above the bed…


I have been researching which camera lens to purchase, and I have read nearly 500 posts.

I have a 1400x900 red/black Chinese laser, with a planned mounting height of 42.5" (approx 1,080mm). The Lightburn Camera Help suggests 8MP 85 degrees and 8MP 120 degrees, both with minimum mounting heights less than my planned height.

Back in January, 2019 Oz showed a graphic depicting why a smaller degree lens can be better. Is this recommendation still valid with the current lenses?

Thank you for any and all who chime in.

Getting a wider lens than unnecessary is just wasting available resolution.

The 80 degree lens will be using a much higher proportion of the sensor to capture the image of your bed vs the 120 degree lens. Because of that the usable resolution is much higher in the 80 degree lens vs 120 degree lens. Unless you’re planning to move the camera to a different laser later on I’d suggest going with the 80 degree lens.

Thank you, that is what I was thinking. Have a great day.