LB Camera and Set UP issues

First I may have purchased the wrong Camera. My bed is 300X500 or 12x 20” I ended up purchasing the 120 degrees camera . If there is an actual video from Lightburn showing the complete set up that would be great. I have watched a few on YT and have attempted 3 separate times this evening to get things set up and just can’t do it. Gonna quite for the night and start again tomorrow and hope that I can get it up and running. HOWEVER if I have purchased the wrong camera are they returnable for the right one or one closest to it? Thanks!

There is a full walk through for the setup here:

Also a good idea to read this list of common issues and fixes:

For the camera angle, the size of the bed is exactly half the needed info. The other half is how high above the workspace you’ll mount it. With aa 500mm wide bed, the minimum height for the 120 degree lens would be about 350mm above the bed. If you’re mounting it anywhere other than dead center, you’ll need a little more room for the camera to see the whole bed.

I currently have it on the lid, centered. I will def go through your set up and give it another go tomorrow. Will be back should I have any other questions, thanks for your prompt response!

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