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I know one of the new updates makes a temp connection to the laser so you can run multiple windows at once but I can not get the camera view to come up on any window except the first one that was opened. Is there a setting or something I am missing to be able to use multiple windows at once and use the camera function in each one, otherwise it’s kinda pointless when you need the camera for positioning.

In any window you are not actively using, go to the camera window and choose ‘None’ to release the camera, then choose it in the one you want to use. We could, conceivably, make the camera system leave the camera disabled, then activate it, take a snap, and let it go again, but starting a streaming camera takes a couple seconds, so it would be much slower to use it.

I’ll try to think about other ways this might be done.

Thanks for the quick response, that did do the trick. Although the multiple windows is not as good as just having tabs within one window like photoshop it is for sure a step in the right direction. I know that will probably not be a update any time soon if ever due to the program basically having to be redone I’m sure. I cut leather to make holsters, badge cases, wallets and such. Each project piece has to have its own file. So basically what happens is that it just gets to congested to try and have multiple projects in one window. Usually I have say one or two items i need to cut from each project on the one thickness of leather. So if I can keep from loading and unloading different hides of leather and can make more cuts on each piece that is already in machine would save me time. Anyway, that’s a somewhat brief explanation of the need for more than one live window. Thanks for all the updates, it gets better all the time.

It might be possible for us to have a setting that lets one copy of LightBurn “signal” the other copies when it wants the camera, or we could make it so when LightBurn isn’t the active application, it lets go of the cam, then grabs it again when you click in the window.

We do a couple other things at this time already, like resync art library files, in case you changed them in another copy of LB, so it’s not without precedent, but because the cam can take a moment to spin up it might look funny or cause other issues. Having that as an option should work though, and would certainly fit your usage without causing problems for anyone who didn’t want it that way. I’ll make a note to try it.

Thanks, OZ. Looking forward to what you come up with to help.

I’ve logged this as a feature request / investigation in our bug database. It’s not super high priority, but I suspect it’ll help more people than just you, shouldn’t be hard to try, and will be relatively safe because it would be on a switch. I’ve left a link in there to this thread so we can update if/when it goes live.

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